One of a kind Erotic African Art

One of a kind erotic african art

$ 39.00 USD

 hand made erotic wooden figurines, showing various sexual interactions.

You can purchase items through paypal or send check or money order to African Art P.O.Box 36471 Pensacola,Fl 32516. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for shipping. Add $10.00 per item for shipping.


This site is for mature adults. The art depicted here contains sexual content.

The pieces are intended as decorative expressions of human sexuality. All pieces are one of a kind artworks done with wood, showing various sexual acts and positions. One of a kind vibrant images that depicts the essence and art of human coupling with abstract exaggerated renderings of the human body. The pieces include traditional man woman coupling, women with women, men with men, and chicks with dicks.


These pieces are for those who appreciate human sexuality and understand the visual beauty of sex. This art is presented to inspire your imagination and cultivate your appreciation of human sexual practices and preferences.

All of my creations are hand made and one of a kind done in wood,and finished with a high gloss that will last for years with proper care.

Feel free to look through samples of my work. If you see something you like, buy it. Remember, all items are one of a kind. So first come first served. It is hoped that ownership of one or more of these pieces by you will bring as much satisfaction to you as the artist had in creating them.

If you ever wanted to give a gift that was truly unique, something that no one else had, for that "special person" in your life. Something that is one of a kind and to the point of what you want to express. Just imagine your lover's face when you present it to them. Is it getting hot in here.

If you're one who just like the unusual or if you just like one of a kind sexual art that's hard to find, then these art pieces are for you.

Each piece is hand made and different. There is nothing like it anywhere. You can search the web for days and never find anything like it. This is the only place to get these wonderful works of art.

These one of a kind art works or extremely collectable and the perfect conversation piece.


I approach my work with a unique  individual style. My art pieces includes a broad and flexible view of couples interactions, and sexual experience, real or imagined.

Measurements of figures in inches.

No.1 L 17x W 8x H 12                                                                                  No.18 L 21 1/2x W 10 1/4x H 14 1/4

No.2 L  15 1/2x W 10 1/4x H 17 1/2                                                             No.19 L 14x W 4x H 11 1/4

No.3 L 17 3/4x W 10x H 12 3/4                                                                    No.20 L 10 3/4x W 6 1/4x H 9

No.4 L 19x W 9 3/4x H 10                                                                            No.21 L 15 1/4x W 12x H 13

                                                                                                                     No.22 L 23x W 7 3/4x H 13

No.6 L 27 1/2x W 9x H 17 1/4                                                                      No.23 L 25x W 7 1/2x H 13 1/4

No.7L 23x W 9 1/4x H 14 1/4                                                                        No.24 L 19 1/2x W 11x H 7

No.8L 24x W 13x H 12 1/2                                                                            No.25 L 14x W 9x H 9 1/4

No.9 L 14 1/2x W 12x H 9 3/4                                                                       No.26 L 6 3/4x W 8x H 12

No.10 L 13x W 5 3/4x H 8                                                                             No.27 L 18 3/4x W 7x H 8 1/2

No.11 L 13 1/2x W 7 1/2x H 6 3/4                                                                  No.28 L 14x W 9x H 12

No.12 L 15 3/4x W 7x 13                                                                               No. 29 L 15 1/4x W 13 1/2x H 15

No. 13 L 12x W 4 1/2x H 13 3/4                                                                     No. 30 L 15x W 4x H 13

No. 14 L16x W 8 3/4xH 11                                                                             No. 31 L 16 1/4x W 6 1/2x H 7 3/4

No.15 L 17 1/2x W 6 3/4x 11                                                                          No.32 L 9 1/2x W 4 1/2x H 22 1/2

No.16 L 18 1/4x W 11 1/2x H 16                                                                     No.33 L 17 1/4x W 15x H 24

No.17 L 25x W 7 1/2x H 12 1/2





P.O.Box 36471, Pensacola, Fl